Anne Cutler, Licensed Psychoanalyst
Phone: 917-684-6515
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Individual Psychotherapy
  • Do you feel sad much of the time?
  • Do you experience a paralysis and lack of motivation?
  • Do you pull away from friends and family and have trouble relating?

Feel better regularly and move forward on your goals.

  • Do you limit your life by avoiding certain locations and situations?
  • Do you have trouble meeting people because of painful shyness or social anxiety?
  • Do you have sudden panic attacks with distressing physical symptoms?

Feel more at ease in every situation and free yourself from fear.

Psychotherapy can help you to overcome depression and anxiety to feel better and freer.

Anne Cutler is a licensed psychoanalyst in private practice in Manhattan NY, with an office near Union Square.  In the sessions, we’ll work together to understand inner conflicts, bring them to the surface, and resolve them.  You’ll feel better and freer to make positive changes in your life. Anne creates an empathic and supportive environment in which you can feel safe and free to express whatever is on your mind.

Photo of woman leaping above grass into the skyWhat to expect in the first session…
New patients are often unsure what to expect in the first session, how to behave, what to say. There can be anxiety about starting a new process and opening up to someone you’re meeting for the first time.

The first session is an opportunity for both the therapist and the patient to get a sense of each other and whether they can work well together. As the patient, you want to see how comfortable you feel in the presence of the therapist. You are not expected to trust the therapist completely from the beginning, but you should be able to have a sense of him or her as someone you could trust over time. The psychotherapist is trying to get an overall sense of a new patient in the first session – what crisis or other issues they’re dealing with currently, what their life is like, how they view themselves, and perhaps some background about their childhood and recent past.

Start feeling better now. Contact Anne Cutler to set up an appointment or for a free 15- minute phone consultation.

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