Anne Cutler, Licensed Psychoanalyst
Phone: 917-684-6515
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“Our dreams speak to us in a language all of us can learn.”
Montague Ullman

  • Are you curious about what your dreams mean?
  • Do you wake up some mornings with wonderful or frightening dream images that seem mysterious and indecipherable? 
  • Do you think that if only you could interpret what your dreams mean, you’d know more about yourself?

You can unlock the meanings of your dreams.  I can help.

Join a weekly dream group, meeting near Union Square in New York City, designed to help you interpret your dreams. You'll be amazed at how rich and deep they are!
Call or email for information:

New group starting in September 2010.  $35 per session, 4 session minimum commitment. Register by August 1, 2010 and the first session is free.
* Email me if you’d like me to send you a free  in-depth overview of this group process of dream interpretation.

If you have a specific dream you’d like help interpreting, I can help you unlock it’s meaning. This service is available either in person, or via phone and email.
  • Email your dream to me, written word for word with as much detail as you can remember.
  • In the email, note any important events, thoughts, and feelings from the days preceding the dream.
  • Schedule a 45-minute phone or in-person session to discuss the dream and make an interpretation.
  • As a follow-up, I’ll email you my written interpretation of the dream.
  • Fee:  $40
Contact Anne Cutler to join the group or set up an individual dream interpretation.
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